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They asked Curt and Dominic about filming the klaine proposal and Dominic said he got SO emotional because it was groundbreaking and really close to his life. They said it was incredible to see Darren completely transform into Blaine and it was one of the first times when he’d really felt like he was his character. It was like seeing a friend get engaged!
We’re freaking out they loved it so much!!

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I think that the world really needs to see his talent too.

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There was a take where they let me get into The Emotional Tornado, but after a minute of that I fell out of it laughing. [x]

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"At one point he called me and he’s like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna write a storyline where Kurt writes a best-selling book,’ I’m like ‘PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!’"

Chris Colfer, in response to the question “I know sometimes in Glee, Ryan Murphy has written things based on your life. Like is there anything that’s happened yet that you’ve told him you’re like ‘oh, no!” (via mshoneysucklepink)

Little did he know this was literally the ONLY idea that Ryan had for Kurt and he would instead spend all his time floundering in a cover band with no actual dreams for his future or success

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